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Welcome to Ruins Of St. Paul's

Ruins of St Paul

The ruins of st paul's is arguably the most recognizable and famous icons of the city of Macau. At the moment it is a façade of what was the church of Mater Dei, St Paul’s College and Mount Fortress which were all built by the Jesuits. This façade of the church is the most popular of these historic monuments that are the Ruins of St Paul. History Constructed in 1580, this church caught fire three times the last being in 1835. This fire was caused by a typhoon and it burnt everything down leaving the façade and the ruins as they are. In the previous fires of 1595 and 1601, reconstruction always followed thereafter. The façade which was built in 1602 after the second fire was able to withstand the fire as it had been constructed using granite. Present Presently, the Ruins of St Paul sits on a steep hill which is accessed by going up 66 stone steps. The façade is 23 meters wide and 25 meters high with five elaborately curved tiers. These tiers were designed in accordance with the classical concept of divine ascension. All five tiers of the façade have special meaning. At the apex of the façade is a dove that represents the Holy Spirit. On the next tier is a statue of the infant Jesus surrounded by implements of the crucifixion. On the third tier is a statue of the Virgin Mary. The base tier is the entrance with three entrance points and the second tier has ten Corinthian columns. Visiting When you visit this majestic UNESCO World Heritage site, you can go up the now buttressed façade through a steel stairway. This will allow you to have a panoramic view of the city below you from the second tier windows. It was restored into a museum in 1995 and reinforced with steel and concrete to give it aesthetic appeal and stability.


Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Explore the excitement of macau fisherman's wharf for a lifetime experience

The macau fisherman's wharf is a theme park based near the Macau Maritime Terminal. It is one of the most popular and the first theme park in Macau, which also includes a shopping complex. This theme park is interestingly modeled into a Euramerican wharf. The entire park spreads up to a land of about 28 acres.The wharf was inaugurated in the year 2005 and was opened for the tourists and public from 23rd December, 2006. Right after it was opened, this place has become one of the tourist hotspots and remains to do so till date. The Fisherman’s wharf in Macau includes various characteristics that can be divided into several parts. This wharf is mainly divided into three sections and these include the Legend Wharf, the Dynasty Wharf and East meets West. Talking about the Dynast wharf, it is made up of Chinese towers which are inspired by the Tang style. The East meets West Macau includes some features of the western design as well as some of the oriental traditions. This part also includes a man made volcano which is about 40 meters. Apart from this, it includes some Greece architecture, waterfalls, Roman Amphitheatre, Arabian style kids play area, a battleship, shopping mall as well as an exhibition area. The Legend Wharf includes all types of recreational facilities including video games center, water performance area and high tech games area. Along with recreational facilities, the place also includes some of the best restaurants for the visitors. The indoor shopping center is one of the most visited places in the wharf and has restaurants that serves the visitors patio dining. From casinos, hotels, restaurants and shopping area, this place offers it all to the visitors. The place doesn’t have any admission fee and it is open 24 hours a day for the tourists. However, the rides of the theme park are open for a couple of hours.

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